Wednesday, January 28, 2015

10 Tips for Communicating with Women

   Earlier we discuss how to effectively communicate with the male species.  Here are some tips for communicating with the fairer and more complicated sex:

·         A man’s words--both verbal & written--are very powerful to his wife (and daughters).  Notes, cards, and poems (especially if they don’t rhythm) are very powerful forms of communication for women (yes they believe the words on the Hallmark cards you give them).

·         Males typically do not place as much importance on words as females do.  Be aware of the power of your words.  Use words she needs to hear every day like, “I love you” and “You are beautiful.”

·         Females often believe a man’s words even over his actions.  Let your actions speak louder than your words anyway.

·         A man’s anger is very frightening to his wife.  While men frequently blow off steam and then forget about what they said, most women take the words spoken to them very seriously.

·         Your wife craves your undivided attention.  This spells love to her.  Focus on listening to her without being pre-occupied.

·         Listen twice as much as you talk.

·         Understand that females process problems, emotions, and develop intimacy through verbal communication.  Males typically do those things through physical activity.  Listening to her shows her you love her. 

·         Resist the urge to solve her problems—she probably just wants you to listen!

·         Acknowledge her feelings—they are real to her.  Females are emotionally-based human beings.  Her emotions are her reality.  Acknowledge them as important.

·         Be a man of character.  Nothing speaks louder to a woman than a man who lives by honorable principles.

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