Wednesday, February 4, 2015


• Boys need clear, CONSISTENT, unambiguous boundaries.
• Boys need to be held accountable for their actions and decisions (no matter how much you want to, do not rescue them very often).
• Boys need to learn the correlation between taking risks and success in life—let them get hurt and let him fail.  Males learn best through their failures.  They also develop healthy self-esteem by trying, failing, and persevering to success.
• Boys need to not acquire the habit of quitting early in life (quitting is an easily learned life-long habit for males—again do not rescue too often).
• Boys need (must have) positive male role models in their lives.
• Speak to your son in simple, short sound bite-sized sentences (get to the point within 30 seconds).
• If you need to discuss something in depth, take a hike, shoot hoops, or other physical activity with your son.  Males process information and emotions more easily through physical activity.
• Women have much better communication skills than a boy.  It is intimidating to sit across the table, eye to eye from someone so much more skilled in an area than he is.
• Start discussing sexuality early in your son’s life—it will be easier later on.
• If you are a single mom, don’t be discouraged--millions of good men have been raised by just their mothers.
Bonus tip—best thing a mother can do for her son?  Pray.  For.  Him.

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